Can I transfer a Lifetime ISA from another provider to an EQi Lifetime ISA?

Yes, you can transfer your Lifetime ISA (LISA) with another provider to EQi. Transferring from one Lifetime ISA provider to another does not affect your £4,000 annual allowance limit.

You cannot make payments into more than one LISA per year, even if you remain within the £4,000 annual allowance. Therefore, if you have already made payments into a LISA from another provider, you will need to transfer these subscriptions to EQi in full to open an EQi LISA.

To transfer, fill in our Lifetime ISA application form and send it to:
PO BOX 4923,
BN99 6SF.

If you try to open an EQi Lifetime ISA when you have already subscribed to a 2021/22 LISA with another provider, you will receive an error message.

Please Note: LISAs can only be transferred in cash, so you’ll need to sell down any investments you hold before the transfer takes place. You can repurchase the investments in your EQi LISA once it has been opened.

- Submitted on 5th Apr 2021

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