How can I close my EQi accounts?

You would need to notify us of your request to close the account via secure message, contacting the Customer Experience Centre or completing an 'Account Closure' form. Once we have received your instruction we can begin the account closure process, the duration of which will depend on the account holdings and the instructions provided.

We will require all cash and investments to be removed and the account balances to be zero, prior to this we will calculate any account fees owed up to the date of notification. Once informed of the amounts and dates of debit, any cash can be transferred back to your nominated bank account via the 'Manage' button once you login to your account.

If you still have investments in your account, there are four options available to you:

  1. Certificate Holdings: This is where we provide you with a certificate which represents your holdings and removes our responsibility of custodian for those particular investments. This costs £20 per line of stock and will take 10-15 working days to process from the date we receive your request.

  2. Liquidate holdings and return funds to the nominated bank account: This is where we would sell your holdings in line with any instruction you have provided us with and return the realised balance to your nominated bank account. Please note that telephone commission will be applicable if you choose this option. The relevant commission will be applied depending on how you have instructed the sale request. See 'EQi Pricing' for further information.

  3. Transfer to another provider: You can transfer your cash and investments to another provider and close your account. We can only initiate a transfer upon request from your new broker. You will, therefore, need to contact your new broker and complete any documentation that they require. They will then contact us to arrange the transfer accordingly. EQi does not charge for the transfer of accounts to another provider. This process can take 2-8 weeks to complete dependent on which assets are to be transferred.

  4. Gift shares to charity: If the investments are worth less than the commission charge, you can choose to donate your shares to the charity Sharegift. To instruct this, please confirm via telephone, secure message or letter what investments you wish to donate and we will process the transfer free of charge. If requesting by letter, please post this to:

    PO BOX 4923
    BN99 6SF

If you require further assistance please contact our Customer Experience Centre on 0345 0700 720.

- Submitted on 26th Jan 2021

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