How can I transfer cash and investments out of my EQi account?

We can transfer your cash and investments to another provider, but we can only initiate a transfer upon request from your new broker: you will need to contact them and complete any transfer documentation they require. Your new broker will then contact us and we will arrange the transfer accordingly.

A charge of £15 per line of investment (or per holding) to transfer out of EQi is applicable and will be debited from the account before closure, along with any pending account fees dues. This can take 2 - 8 weeks to complete dependent on which assets are to be transferred. Encashing your portfolio prior to requesting a transfer, can speed up the proces.

Please Note: For the transfer of a SIPP, you would need to contact your SIPP Administrator/Trustee who will liaise with our Transfer Team directly.

- Submitted on 20th Apr 2020

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