What is the process of buying a fund?

Online purchases
Once the fund you wish to trade has been located, clicking on the trade icon will display a pop-up regarding the Key Information Document (KID). You will need to confirm the three points to continue with your deal:

  • That you have seen the document
  • That it is the correct document for the fund you wish to purchase
  • That the email address we hold for you is correct

Once you have confirmed all three points, we will send you an email containing the relevant document and route you directly to the trade page, where you can input details of your purchase as usual. For Regular Investment Service purchases, we will ask you to follow this process only when setting up a new regular investment order. For all other fund purchases you will need to repeat this process for each order.

Telephone Purchases
As a regulated provider, we are required to ensure you have had access to all relevant information before you place a trade for a fund. If you have not seen the fund documents at the point of your telephone call we will send them to the registered email address we have for you and trade can only commence once they are received.

To avoid delay we would recommend fund research is completed before the point of trade.

All funds available through the Selftrade trading platform have documentation attached relating to each particular fund. These are shown on each fund’s page and can be accessed prior to placing an order and it is essential that you study them before placing your trade.

The Simplified Prospectus or Key Information Document (KID), a funds factsheet and the Fund Manager’s Annual Report may also be available. However, not all Fund Managers provide documents to our data partner, so you may find that the document is not available: it should be available on the Fund Manager’s website. Equally, whilst we take every care to ensure the right documents are provided, we will also ask you to confirm it is the right document. Where no document is available, it is not the correct one, or you cannot confirm you have seen it, we will unfortunately be unable to accept your order.

Should there be any incorrect or missing documents, these will be referred to our data provider for correction; updates should generally be made within five working days and we would encourage you to try again. If you have any questions about this process please contact the Customer Experience Centre on 0345 0700 720.

- Submitted on 29th Feb 2020

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