Will I always receive all of my IPO allocation?

No. In the event of the Offer being oversubscribed, your allocation may be scaled back. If this occurs, all excess funds will be held in the cash balance of your EQi Account.

Please note, if you have elected to participate across multiple account types Dealing Account/ISA/SIPP, you will receive a scaled back percentage of the combined amount requested and the shares/bonds will be applied to your account according to our standard order of allocation: SIPP > ISA > Dealing Account (up to the maximum requested in each account type).

For example - if you elected to invest:

Dealing Account - £1,000

Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA -  £2,000

SIPP - £1,000

Following a scale back of 35%, your combined election of £4,000 will be scaled back to £1,400 and the shares/bonds will be allocated to your account as follows:

SIPP - £1,000 (up to the maximum request)

Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA - £400

Dealing Account - nil

- Submitted on 29th Feb 2020

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