What happens to the deceased assets once the bereavement process is complete?

The beneficiary has the option to:

Liquidate the Portfolio - Assets will be sold (standard trading fees will apply) and cash sent once trades settle.

Transfer to a EQi Dealing Account - If the beneficiary has a EQi Dealing Account, all assets can be transferred to that account with no charge. This request must be submitted in writing by the executor(s) and include the account number, name(s) and amount(s) of asset(s). If you would like a EQi Dealing Account but are not a EQi customer, you have the option to open an account before continuing the transfer process. To open a EQi Dealing Account please click here.

Transfer to Another Broker - Alternatively, you could request that the assets are transferred to another new broker if requested

Certificated Withdrawal - Investments can be de-materialised and a certificate issued at a charge of £20 per line of stock. All certificates will be registered as requested in line with probate or small estates and sent out within approximately 4 weeks.

- Submitted on 23rd Jun 2021

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