Does FATCA only affect US persons?

We will only report information if you are a US person. If your account shows any of the following six indicators specified by the IRS, we may request further information/documentation to determine your status for FATCA purposes:

  • US citizenship
  • US country of residence
  • US place of birth, or country of incorporation
  • US address, including US PO boxes
  • US telephone number
  • Power of Attorney granted to a person with a US address care of or hold mail address which is your sole address

The same rules apply to members of investment clubs and Company Directors/Company Secretaries. However, non-US persons who hold US investments in their account, and they receive US-sourced income, may be affected if they have not provided us with a Form W8-BEN or W8-BENE.

- Submitted on 15th Feb 2020

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