Updating your details for MiFID II?

Your simple MiFID II checklist:

1. To comply with new regulations, we require you to check that your full name, nationality/nationalities and your National Insurance Number is recorded correctly on your account.
2. Your details need to be completed and confirmed by you if you wish to make a trade from 3rd January 2018.
3. We encourage you to get this updated as soon as possible, however don't worry if you do not confirm your details in time as your account will not be closed and neither will your stocks be sold after 3rd January 2018.

How to check and update your information online

The quickest, easiest way to check and update your information is online.
Log in to your account as usual. Update your information in your 'profile’ which can be found at the top right hand of the page.

You can also take the opportunity to review your other personal details and marketing preferences at the same time.

- Submitted on 29th Feb 2020

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