How is my cash protected?

Cash which we designate as ‘client money’ is held in accordance with the FCA rules on Client Money. These require us to hold it in one or more client bank account(s), segregating your money from ours with banks that are regulated by the FCA or other European regulators. This money is held on deposit in trust accounts, so that any creditors would have no legal right to it.

We cannot use any of this money to cover our obligations.

Please note, we hold Client Money with a number of Banks, at our absolute discretion, but in accordance with the FCA Rules on diversification. We treat each client’s cash balances as if they were held in the same ratio as our total Client Money balance with these Banks in compliance with the FCA Rules.

Protection limits can be found on the FSCS website and are set per eligible person, per firm (not per account).

- Submitted on 15th Feb 2020

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