What is the Stockomendation start price and how is it arrived at?

A tip start price on Stockomendation is the price from which a tip performance commences to be calculated.

The start price can be derived in several ways:

  1. When the tipster states a specific price at which the tip is placed.
  2. If no price is stated, but the tip is time-stamped, Stockomendation takes the price at the time stated.
  3. The Stockomendation team of researchers are constantly scanning publications, so a tip which has no time or price stated by the tipster it will be spotted within a few minutes of publication. They check the tip details and publish the tip at the current start price.
  4. If a tip is made pre-market opening (mainly used for broker tips) then, unless stated differently, the close price of the prior day will be used.

It is the responsibility of the tipster to change the status of a tip (e.g. from 'buy' to 'sell'). If a public domain share tip has changed its status, but the change has not been published, then its stated status at time of original publication will remain on Stockomendation until such time as the new status is made public, Stockomendation are informed directly of the change, or the tip automatically closes on the date stated.

- Submitted on 29th Feb 2020

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