How can I make payments?

Payments to and from your EQi account can be made both online and via our Customer Experience Centre using the following methods:

Debit Card Top-Up's
Card details and the registered address must match that of your EQi account.

Points to Note:

  • You may want to notify your bank before making any unusually large transactions.
  • If your address is one of several at the same street number you must enter this in a particular way or the payment may fail. For example, if you live at Flat 3 at building number 64, enter 3, 64 in the House Number/Name field.
  • If you're having problems making a debit card payment, call us on 0345 0700 720 or +44 20 7015 4800 and we will investigate this for you.

Please Note: Debit card payments will appear on the account balance immediately and the cash will be available to trade. However the payments take approximately three working days to clear, so these will not be available for withdrawal until this time.


Transfer between EQi accounts

You can transfer cash between your EQi accounts if you have more than one type. These take effect immediately. From any of your accounts, select 'Manage' and then 'Transfer Money Between My Accounts' is an option in the dropdown menu under the move your money heading.

Please Note: Regardless of the account type you are in, the option to transfer between accounts will only display if you have a EQi Dealing Account, as it is not possible to transfer cash from an ISA or to transfer to or from a EQi SIPP Dealing Account.

At the account opening, a Direct Debit instruction is set up between your EQi account and your nominated bank account. When the BACS top-up method is used the change is reflected on the account balance immediately, allowing you to trade, but the funds will take approximately three working days to clear.

We require you to contact our Customer Experience Centre to inform us of your intention to make a CHAPS payment, as further verification may be requested from you. You would need to ensure CHAPS payments are made from your nominated bank account.
Please Note: There is a fee applicable for the CHAPS service, for further information please visit 'EQi Pricing'. Please check CHAPS payment deadlines with your nominated bank as these may vary.

You can send a cheque made out to 'EQi Client Account', quoting your EQi account number on the back. This will take five working days to clear from date of receipt. Please send cheques to: EQi, P.O Box 4923, Worthing, BN99 6SF.

- Submitted on 4th Mar 2020

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